Meta Wizards
Introducing Meta Wizards - a competitive play-to-earn video game based on blockchain technology. Owning a Meta Wizard provides you access to a fully functional in-game Wizard NFT; each containing very special abilities and attributes that allow you to race and battle against other opponents in hopes to gain more $MW coins. Race your Wizard against 8 others in the Secret Cove and place bets on which Wizard will come in the first place! Earn betting, racing, and winning! First, second, and third place winners will all receive $MW which is the utility token within the Meta Wizards ecosystem. $MW can also be used to upgrade your Wizard for a higher probability of winning. There will be 9,999 3D Wizards available to the public to be minted. Play as your NFT in our blockchain video game, get access to exclusive real-life Wizard only events & meet ups, get access to our land in Sandbox, & way more!

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