Meta Wizards
A magical land infested with mythical abilities and enchanting spells known as Photon is possibly the most sorcerous destination in the metaverse. Photon consists of five regions, each home to tens of thousands of wizards. A new rivalry is to begin between the wizards of the five areas. An asset everyone has a new intense desire for. The capital of Photon, Secret Cove, recently announced a competition that accepts participants from all regions. The competition includes a race where eight wizards will use their broom for racing past their opponents, but the grand prize for the winner is what most are focused on. Wizards obsess over the thought of the grand prize and dream about its contents. The award is an ancient book of spells. Many believe that the text may be something that could grant power to their entire region and DNA type for eternity. This race will be no ordinary race. Instead, it will become a brutal battlefield, a fight for the ancient book of spells.
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