Meta Wizards
We have observed the negative affect hard caps have on a P2E economy and for this reason, the MW token, and spells do not have hard coded supply caps. Instead, Meta Wizards created active supply targets for tokens and items that will be maintained through balance patches. Players earn MW tokens from playing the game and can summon spells with MW tokens. In an ideal economy, there would be a perfect balance between the amount of MW tokens and spells entering the system and the amount of tokens and spells being burned by players. However, as the playerbase grows and players progress, the team will be keeping a close eye on the balance between inflation and supply shock. Rewards and costs will be adjusted periodically to keep the economy in balance.
Brooms do have a supply hard cap (TBD) as they directly affect the most important aspect of wizard racing: speed. Brooms cannot be summoned with MW tokens but instead can be summoned through the burning of (x amount) of spell NFTs. It may not be efficient at first to use spells to burn for summoning brooms, and in that case, brooms should be purchased off Opensea.
As of now $MW will be ERC-20 and will be able to be swapped for ETH. Specific details TBA as we are currently in the talks of potentialy working directly with HBAR to bring this into fruition as the team continues to work hard and make this a process that is as enjoyable as possible! This is a very important process and our reward system will continuously be updated as we get closer to the official release of $MW along with the official video game.
Be sure to stay tuned to our announcements and AMAs via our discord & social media. You may be viewing a cached version at one point so you may need to refresh this white paper for the most updated information!
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