Meta Wizards
Playable NFT
Utilize your Meta Wizard NFT as a fully functional in game asset that you will be able to use and race against others in Photon for the forbidden book of spells.
3D Files
Own your Meta Wizard’s FBX files, so you could also use it to animate content and showcase it in the metaverse + the physical world!
Play To Earn
Compete against others and earn $MW (Meta Wizard Coin) in our P2E video game available exclusively on
Mint Pass
Receive a free mint pass for all upcoming drops within the Meta Wizard ecosystem by owning a Meta Wizard.
Exclusive Experiences
Get exclusive access to private events in person and in the metaverse. Connect with others and celebrate events such as the official launch of the Meta Wizards video game.
Be a part of the community that creates everlasting magic with Wizards all over the world.
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